Mindful Meditation

Mindful Meditation

Join Julia of Destination Yoga and Micki Abels Meditation Instructor, for this collaborative journey thru the 8 limbs of yoga combining breath, movement & guided meditation. We will begin each Monday evening promptly at 6 pm with yoga & pranayama followed by a short break before settling into the meditation.

Benefits Yoga & Meditation

Practicing yoga and meditation in tandem can provide many different benefits to your physical and psychological health.

1. Increased Flexibility, Balance, and Strength

2. Improved Circulation and Heart Health

3. Lower Stress Levels/Relieves anxiety

4. Mental Clarity & Improved Focus

5. Weight Loss

6. Improves tolerance to pain

7. Longer Life

8. Increased Levels of Positivity

9. Improved Sleep Quality/Combats fatigue

10. Improved Coping with Mental Illness/Fights depression